Millenials not only run to benefit their physical health, but also to sustain positive emotional and mental health, report US researchers in the second phase of The Millenial Running Study, commissioned by Running USA and RacePartner.


Running has become part of the identity of millenials – people born between 1980 and 2000 – who form a substantial group of the 42-m American runners. They first ran to lose weight, but then to think and decompress. Running is now part of their daily routine and represents who they are, researchers from the research and marketing agency Achieve reported.

Millenials consider running an escape, a restorative practice and something that increases their abilities to perform in other areas of their lives.

Half marathons are the most popular events among millennials, followed by 5km and 10km runs. They find out about races via internet searches and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mainly) and appreciate well-organised events most. Some millennials view running events as a way to travel and experience new locations. Most of them will not be persuaded to participate in a race because of the philanthropic (charity) aspects and are not interested in volunteering to assist with an event.

The aim of The Millennial Running Study is to better understand how running event organisers can encourage runners to participate and stay interested in running events. Download the report here