Kelly Vroon isn’t even finished with high school yet, but she has already been chosen to be a friend of the brand by Olympic International, distributed by Jordan & Co.

Kelly Vroon shows off her Olympic International kit.

“Kelly is a remarkable young athlete,” says Stuart Hopwood, head of group marketing for Bolton Footwear. “We chose her because she is a multi-discipline athlete and shows enormous potential. She can definitely grow with our brand.”

As a keen participant in athletics, swimming, cross country, bi- and triathlons, and cycling, Vroon says her biggest achievement so far is third place at last year’s Biathle World Championships in Batumi, Georgia. “I broke my ankle in November 2014 and it was a great comeback for me to achieve a bronze medal at an international competition with many other competitors from all over the world, just 10 months after having ankle surgery. I was also a part of the South African girls’ team that took gold at this competition.”

Her ultimate goal is a spot in the national triathlon or swimming team and to be chosen to represent South Africa at the Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic International is sponsoring Vroon with cycling, running and lifestyle footwear. “She encompasses the same values and has a great passion for the brand,” says Hopwood. “We initially approached her for our cycling range, as she is a triathlete.”

As a friend of the brand, Vroon will tell her peers about the brand and its products, spreading her news via word-of-mouth and social media. “I’m very involved with sports and sports people and would like to use the opportunity to give [the brand] as much exposure as possible,” she says. “I plan to promote the Olympic International brand through social media, my circle of friends and everyone I compete with in the various sports that I participate in.”

“I’d like to be seen as an influencer and would like to grow in stature as one of their most significant friends through my sporting achievements and sportsmanship, both on and off the field.”

She joins multi-discipline athlete Zac Ellis and TV personality Danine Naidoo, who are also friends of Olympic International.

She’ll again be competing in the Biathle and Triathle World Championships that start on the 21st of October in Sarasota, US. “I also have many local competitions this year like the South African short course swimming champs, which took place at end of August, the Western Province long course champs in December, and many other swimming, biathlon and cycling league races.”