Mountain climber and K-Way ambassador Robby Kojetin and Nepali mountaineer and trekking guide Satish Man Pati will present a talk on 23 February at Cape Union Mart’s Adventure Centre in Canal Walk, Cape Town, wherein they will share their experiences through an audio-visual presentation.

Robby Kojetin
Robby Kojetin is bound to keep his audience entertained with tales and images from his journeys.

Kojetin  has climbed and trekked all over the world, including nine Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest summits. His presentation will take audience members through the trails and triumphs of high altitude and sub-zero temperatures, and will show off his images and first-person footage.

His talk will include fitness, training and health considerations, gear and equipment needed, budget, and what one can expect on the adventure.

Pati’s presentation will focus on highlighting what people might expect to see or find on his Himalayan adventures, and will talk about his post-earthquake rebuild treks. One of his aims while visiting South Africa is to broaden his professional network.

The presentation takes place at 18:30 (arrive by 18:15) and is free, but RSVP is required. Visit this link to RSVP.