Kookaburra’s new range of bats has been designed with specific purposes in mind.

“Reworked for 2017/18, the Kookaburra Ghost returns with a genuine monster of a profile,” says Kookaburra, locally distributed by JRT Crampton. “Designed with the traditionalist in mind, the Ghost features minimal scalloping through the back of the blade to provide an unbelievable power profile with exceptional pick-up.”

Kahuna is a much loved name among Kookaburra batting fans and it returns again to the stable this season. “Its powerful profile, big edges and world renowned colourway make it ideal for the stroke maker who likes to take control and lead by example.”

The Kahuna is ideal for the stroke maker who likes to take control and lead by example.

“Conceived from the ground up to be the game changing element, Obsidian has been specially developed for the modern day format,” says the brand. “Characterised by a full-bodied profile and huge spine, the Obsidian is remarkably lightweight with outstanding pickup.”

Surge is a brand new addition to Kookaburra’s batting lineup. “Unique shaping to the back of the blade allows the ‘middle’ to be stretched across the bottom of the bat, creating a huge sweet spot and a bat that performs in every situation.”


The Surge is new to the Kookaburra range.

“Blaze is the most exciting range Kookaburra has ever introduced. The pro preferred full profile and striking graphics compliment each other to create a bat ideal for shots all around the wicket in every format of the game.”

Another one that has been designed with the modern formats in mind is XLR8. It “has been designed with lightweight specifications to ensure the ultimate playability and reaction under pressure.”