Your Netball Customers won’t easily drop the ball with Mikasa’s new netball ball series. Previously the full focus used to be on durability, but while this is still an important factor for Mikasa when designing its ranges, grip is now the feature that everyone is asking for, says Nick Wiltshire of local distributor Pat Wiltshire Sports.

Top, from left to right: HSNT Ultra Grip in pink and yellow, and the 3550 Rubber Dimple series in pink and green. Bottom row: the Moulded Ultra Durable series

Not only does the machine stitched HSNT Ultra Grip series offer excellent grip with the ultra grip technology, it also has raised dimples for even more improved grip and handling.

The 3550 Rubber Dimple series also features dimples on its top quality rubber covers, which won’t let the ball slip out of the hands easily.

Recommend the moulded Ultra Durable series to those players who play in Africa’s harshest conditions, advises Wiltshire. It is durable, makes use of Mikasa’s wound ball technology and has a traditional 32 panel design.

All the balls in the range conform to IFNA’s official size and weight regulations.