Youth riders must ensure that their cycling equipment adheres to the new standardisation rules when they participate in track events, warns Cycling SA President William Newman.

  • Only standard helmets without visors must be used by ALL youth riders, and no aero helmets are allowed.
  • Booties or overshoes may be used when racing at an outdoor velodrome.
  • Only standard wheels with 16 spokes or more may be used – no disc or carbon fibre wheels. No deep sections larger than 50mm or carbon fibre deep sections are allowed.
  • Riders aged U15 and below may only use standard handle bars (drop bars). U17 riders will be allowed to use UCI Approved Time Trial bars, or bolt on bars without modification, for the Time Trial, Individual and Team Pursuit events.
    Image courtesy of Pedal Power Association.

    Gears are restricted and must pass the rollout test in each age group category – e.g. the distance the bike travels in a straight line with one full pedal revolution. This is to ensure that the top gear is not over the biggest (hardest to push) gear allowed per age group. In track competitions it will be as follows:

    U17 6.897 meters (86.4’)

    U15 6.626 meters (83”)

    U13 6.227 meters (78”)

    U11 6.227 meters (78’).

    See the full document with youth rider equipment specifications here.