Leatherman’s new Tool Tale campaign showcases real-life situations in which consumers have used the brand’s wide range of tools to get themselves out of sticky, hilarious and even deadly situations.

Over the years the company has received over 4 000 unique stories and experiences via emails, letters and phone calls detailing how its multi-tools have played a role in helping Leatherman tool owners. Leatherman is now sharing these tales in a video series, the first episodes of which are available on http://www.leatherman.com/tool-tales.html.

The stories range from a Leatherman tool saving a couple’s life after they find themselves in icy water, to helping a traveller save a ferry stuck in pirate infested waters, to helping a tourist fix the guitar of a member of a rock band performing for an audience.

More videos will be added throughout the year and the company encourages fans to submit their unique stories. On their site visitors can create custom stories with photos or videos, which they can then share on their social media profiles. All submissions will also stand a chance to feature on Leatherman’s social media channels and selected fans will receive a Leatherman tool.

A long queue of Leatherman owners waiting to have their tools sharpened or repaired outside the booth at Huntex 2017.

The company is also known for their policy of repairing or replacing any damaged Leatherman tools, which attracts crowds of patiently waiting owners to the shows where they have booths. According to the brand’s founder, Tim Leatherman, they offer this service because the word of mouth praise from one satisfied customer is worth much more than the seven customers who relate a bad experience.

Leatherman is locally distributed by Awesome Tools.