Katz Footwear’s Willow brand now has a range of lightweight, comfortable sneakers. “The first collection is bursting with style, comfort and endurance,” the distributor says.

The sneakers each feature a woven nylon upper that has been designed to use as few pieces as possible to reduce seams, and makes the sneaker lightweight, which allows unobstructed flexibility to the midfoot while walking.

The soles further help to reduce weight. They are also flexible and durable, and are made from compressed EVA pellets that are heat expanded to close the air bubbles. “We are able to achieve a variety of beautiful colours using this material.”

“Comfort is important to us because it allows you to wear the shoes and keep doing what you do for longer.” For this, every pair of Willow sneakers features Gravity Cushion insoles, which combine latex memory foam and neoprene. “Over time, the inside of the shoe starts taking the shape of the foot and each stride becomes easier.”

Katz Footwear also has display and marketing equipment available for retailers to help support the product in-store.