Judging by imports over the past few years, fishing has had a bumpy ride with outside factors such as the economy and drought in the Cape making their presence felt. In our next issue, Sports Trader will feature an article that delves into how far the fishing industry has been affected by outside factors, and what the state of the industry looks like. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you think impact how the fishing industry is faring (positively or negatively).

Do you agree that things aren’t looking as rosy as before for fishing, or have you found that when things get tough, the tough go fishing (and thus you make more sales)? Have you found that factors such as the upcoming SAFTAD shows and the various suppliers’ own shows help your business (suppliers or retailers) stay above water, or are they now mere formalities, done because suppliers are expected to? What else have you found impact your fishing business?

Please send feedback to Carin Hardisty via email or by calling 021 461 2544. If you would like to remain anonymous, we can accommodate you as well. Your response will be highly valued.