New Product Showcase and crowd-funding areas are just some of the new initiatives at the 2017 Interbike Expo that will be held in Las Vegas in September. Innovative new cycling products will be under the spotlight in both these sections, placed in high-traffic areas where most visitors have to flow through.

Exhibitors will get the opportunity to attract visitors to their stands by featuring one innovative product in the Product Showcase in the front of the hall. The object will be to encourage visitors to get more information and see other products, apart from the featured product, on the exhibitor’s stand.

Photo: Interbike.

The latest cycling-related inventions will be seen in The Incubator area on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Visitors will be able to touch and feel the innovative new products and talk to the inventors of the products on display in this affordable show section. A number of these turnkey exhibit opportunities are still available.

“Just about every company in our industry started out as an idea at some point, and it grew from there,” says Justin Gottlieb, PR & Communications Director for Interbike. “While funding is the primary goal for these creators, no other bike event in North America can get these entrepreneurs exposure to 15K+ industry experts.”

He points out that brands like Revolights and Lumos were launched as Kickstarter products, but have now gone to the next level. “I’d like to think we played a part in those success stories,” adds Gottlieb. “We want to do that for more creators and their products.”

Photo: Interbike.

These will be in addition to the more than 1 200 brands that can annually be seen by about 20 000 visitors to the largest cycling trade event in the US. There will also be the usual seminars, awards gala and events like the OutDoor Demo that attract trade visitors.

Like many other international trade shows, Interbike will no longer have a Customer Appreciation day open to consumers. “We now realize that getting significant turnout to fly to Las Vegas during the week is extremely difficult and that we’re better served going back to the old format and making it a trade-only event,” said Pat Hus, Vice-President of Interbike.

Photo: Interbike.

This year Interbike will be held in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from September 20-22. It will be preceded by the OutDoor Demo in Boulder City, Nevada.