SAFTAD is soon coming to Durban to make it easy for all the KwaZulu Natal tackle traders to view the latest fishing products and spot the next big sellers that their customers will love.

On 22 and 23 July 2017 many of the leading suppliers of fishing gear will show their new products and ever-green favourites to retailers at the SAFTAD (the South African Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors) trade show in Durban.

In five weeks’ time, tackle traders from the rest of the country and neighbouring countries will again make their way to the annual Johannesburg SAFTAD Show on 12 and 13 August. This will be the 18th time that this popular trade show will be hosted in Johannesburg.

You can now download a registration form that will facilitate your visit to either the Durban or Johannesburg trade shows, or both.

DLI Hall

SAFTAD Durban (click here for the form): visit on Saturday 22 July (9am to 5pm) and Sunday 23 July (9am to 1pm) at the DLI Hall, 5 DLI Avenue, Berea (above). Download the registration form and after completion fax it to Mary Ann Hodgskin on 011 943 4859 or email to

UNISA Ormonde

SAFTAD Johannesburg (click here for the form): visit on Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 August from 9am to 5pm at the UNISA Conference Centre, 2 Vinton Road, Ormonde Ext 1 (above). Download the registration form and after completion fax it to Mary Ann Hodgskin on 011 943 4859 or email to

Also look out for the Johannesburg registration form inserted in the Q3 issue of Sports Trader that you’ll receive in the mail early in August.

Please remember to bring your business card to be handed in at reception. This is to ensure that only retailers can visit to preview – and order at wholesale prices – the products that will only be available to their customers later this year.

Overview of SAFTAD show
The SAFTAD trade show in Johannesburg remains popular among exhibitors and visitors after 18 years. Photo: Nicol du Toit.

10 Good reasons to pre-register to visit SAFTAD

  1. By pre-registering you can spend all your time at the show focusing on the main reasons for your visit, instead of taking time to register. Please click here to download the Durban show form and click here for the Johannesburg show form.
  2. The registration forms provide all the information you need to make it easy to visit the SAFTAD shows: times, dates, address of the venue, directions to get there and even a handy map, plus contact details if you need more information. Simply download (click for Durban or Johannesburg) to keep all the information in one place;
  3. You now have easy access to all the company information you need for registration while at the office – which is not always available to you at the venue;
  4. If you sell any fishing-related products or clothing you cannot afford not to be at SAFTAD, the Southern African sport and outdoor retail industry’s only trade show where retailers can see and order products in time to have them in store when they are launched to customers;
  5. SAFTAD presents a unique opportunity to see most of the leading South African fishing tackle suppliers together under one roof and touch and feel their products, as well as talk to the local – and sometimes international – distributors in person. It is the ideal opportunity to discuss concerns or cement new relationships;
  6. It’s a business-focused show without load music, jostling crowds, or distracting stands. The trade-friendly atmosphere allows you to look, touch, talk and order at your leisure, and benefit from the many show specials on offer;
  7. You might find new winning products that you didn’t even know existed and spot new trends that could gain you many new customers;
  8. You can compare products and prices between the different suppliers to find the best mix for your store;
  9. It is a great opportunity to mingle and share news with your fellow traders and exhibitors to gain first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the tackle trade;
  10. Entrance to the show is free to all retailers selling fishing-related equipment, clothing and footwear. You can therefore bring along all the staff members you wish to expose to the latest products and all registered visitors can leave and return as many times they want to over the two days.

For more information contact Mary-Ann Hodgskin on or 083 795 5588 (mobile) or 011 943 4921 (landline) or 011 943 4859 (fax).