SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is experiencing growth both locally (see Q3 Sports Trader in August) and abroad, and the Best of Show product at this year’s ICAST was a SUP product. This year, ISPO Shanghai included the sport in its Open Demo Day, allowing people to try out exhibitors’ products.

Water sports enthusiasts were able to “discover the wild side of stand-up paddling as it is transformed into a variant of water polo at the ISPO Open Demo Day within the framework of ISPO SHANGHAI 2017,” says the organiser, Messe München.

SUP water polo gives added spice to the sport, they add.

The event was held in a three vs three format, where the only rules were that participants must stay on their boards and that they weren’t allowed to use the paddle to push opponents off their boards, and participants had to move the ball towards the opponents’ goal.

Another SUP activity on the day was SUP yoga.

This year’s Open Day featured 26 exhibitors and about 350 participants.

This year’s ISPO Shanghai trade show took place 6-8 July and next year’s show will be held 5-7 July.