Chris Willemse Cycles (CWC) will be providing logistical support for the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund during the first Ride 4 Rugby mountain bike event held in Caledon in October this year.  Rugby legends will be among the many other cyclists displaying their mountain biking skills during this two-stage fundraising ride for Rugby’s Caring Hands. The funds raised through Ride 4 Rugby will be used by the Players’ Fund to support seriously injured rugby players adjusting to living with a disability.


CWC offers the following tips for assisting mountain biking customers who might want to participate in the Ride4Rugby event:  

  • Cycle stores can assist customers by offering a custom bike fit, whether for a new mountain bike or to check if the cyclists current bike is the correct size. It is common to see riders on the trails on bikes that are too big – a mountain bike frame should be much smaller than that of a road bike. The frame size depends on the top tube length, rather than the seat tube length.
  • Encourage customers to come in for a check-up before the event or training runs to ensure that they won’t be stuck on the trails with a mechanical break-down. Check their tyres for wear, that the gears are set properly, the chain or break pads are not worn, and that the brake and gear cables are not frayed, dirty or rusted.
  • Remind your customers to buy some sealant for their tyres, especially in the summer when it is high season for the notorious duwweltjie. “The sealant will fill small holes that causes a puncture in a tyre and it saves the cyclist the trouble of fitting a new tube on the trail or in the race,” says CWC. They should also remember to inflate their tyres to the correct pressure: too hard tyres results in a bumpy, uncomfortable ride and too soft can damage the rim if you ride over a rock or through a ditch. In tubeless tyres the pressure can be lower, but tyre pressure depends on the weight of the rider and the terrain.
  • Remind your mountain bike customers that they should have the following accessories available before riding out on any trail: a spare tube, tyre levers, a multi-tool with a chain breaker, chain links (they should be 9/10/11 speed, depending on the drive-train), CO2 cartridge (bomb) plus connector or a pump and plugs for tubeless tyres.

The Ride4Rugby two-stage event takes place from 8 to 10 October 2017 and departs from the Caledon Hotel and Spa. Team entries can be purchased through the Players’ Fund at R30 000.