Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s Super Rugby final, the game has already been a win for Canterbury and retailers stocking the Golden Lions’ supporter jerseys. And, this is bound to continue as Canterbury distributor, Brand ID, has made contingency plans to ensure that all fans can buy their jerseys by Saturday – and beyond.

“Due to the great success of the Lions team, the demand for the Lions supporter jersey has been exceptional and the demand steadily grew as they progressed in the competition,” says Brand ID MD Wayne Bebb.

Brand ID therefore produced additional supporters’ merchandise, which retailers can order today (August 3) from Kwena Sekwele on 074 624 6907.

“This is a momentous rugby occasion, which we have not seen in this country for years,” says Bebb. “It has garnished support from everyone – whether you are a diehard Lions supporter, or have an allegiance to another local team. It is uniting rugby lovers across the country. It is really a moment for the love of rugby to come together.”

And the team’s technical sponsor is confident that they will be crowned the 2017 Super Rugby champions in front of a sold-out home crowd. So confident, that Canterbury designed a celebratory Lions supporter jersey that will be available by contacting Elinor Johannes from Brand ID on 021 461 0346, or elinor@brand-identity.co.za.