Where do you see your business in January 2018? The next three months are probably going to be the most crucial for the local retail industry since 1994.

If you’re an optimist, you’ll believe the new ANC leader elected in December is going to inspire investors to come knocking, which will restore consumer and business confidence in time for a late Christmas rush or early January spree. Optimists will also believe that the rise in business confidence recorded by RMB/BER during the second quarter of 2017 (albeit to a low 35 points) will continue in a steep upward curve – and that retail sales growth will double or treble over this important selling season.

If you’re a pessimist, you will believe it will be the same old politics and that everybody will need to work double as hard as before just to make ends meet. You’ll also believe that business and consumer confidence will take a nosedive and that the last quarter’s 1.8% retail sales growth will remain a benchmark for the future.

Whatever your outlook, you would not want to miss opportunities that can help your business.

Sports Trader, for example, offer suppliers to retailers the following:

  • Receive 5% discount (in addition to other discounts negotiated) on any ad booked in the fourth quarter issue of Sports Trader – today is the deadline;
  • We offer product showcase adverts with several articles in this Q4 issue – R2 500 for each 1/8th page size, which can be used together to form a bigger advert. These features include
  • It’s holiday time! A preview of the latest in diving and snorkelling, fishing, travel gear & gifts;
  • Gear to excite holiday campers: What’s new in outdoor furniture, lighting, tents & shading, water purification and any other interesting new accessories;
  • Protection against the sun: What to recommend to your active customers wanting protection against UV rays. For example, in headwear, eyewear, sun protective clothing, sunscreens and lotions.

These are in addition to our features on cycling, athletics, snooker & pool, running accessories, sandals and water shoes, denim going athletic and news about brands and people in the industry.