The BUCO Origin of Trails MTB event takes place 25-26 November in Stellenbosch, and is sponsored by a number of companies including Olympic International (owned by Bolton Footwear), Thule, Totalsports, Under Armour and Specialized.

Among the participants will be Bolton Footwear’s Plant and Production Operational Manager, Thomas Cawood, who cycles in Olympic International’s Traction shoes that are “designed for the South African man who generally has wider feet than our European counterparts. The shoes are extremely comfortable, without compromising on performance or breaking the bank.

“Regardless of the elements that I expose them too, they just keep on going and going. I’ve had my current pair for two years and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.”

This is the second time that Cawood will take part in the MTB event. “The route is not to be underestimated as there is quite a bit of climbing and it’s quite technical,” he warns. “It’s deemed a MTB party, and with such awesome trails, I’m just going to enjoy myself.”

He’s no stranger to other sporting activities either: he was a wrestler and played rugby when he was growing up, but now prefers his bike. “I recently completed the Wines2Whales and thoroughly enjoyed it,” he says. “I’m also very proud of my finishing time at the Cederberg 100 miler this year.  That race is not for the faint hearted.”