For the past thirteen years Dovetech Aquasport  established itself as manufacturer of a growing range of specialised swimming products for the South African market. This year, the KwaZulu Natal company changed its name to Slipstream Sports, and expanded internationally by opening a like-named store in the US.

Dane and Gary Doveton next to the starting platforms that they supplied and installed at Reddam College in Umhlanga. Photo: Slipstream

The company is continuously expanding its product base by updating and introducing new products, says owner Gary Doveton. The demand for his products had grown to such an extent that the factory had to move into larger premises in New Germany, Pinetown, earlier this year.

Gary and his son Dane, who joined the company this year, recently formed Slipstream Sports LLC in California, which will sell the locally manufactured products to the American market when it opens in 2018.

These stainless steel starting platforms are being sent to their US branch, which opens early next year.

Dovetech Aquasport was started in 2004 by Gary Doveton as a sole proprietor. Originally it focused solely on manufacturing starting platforms made from composite fibre glass, but the same year it added pace clocks to its product list. In 2005 Dovetech also purchased its own moulds for manufacturing wave reduction lane discs in 110mm and 150mm and started supplying high quality wave reduction lane ropes.

“The demand for these quality products was very positive, which led to the introduction of new products such as water polo goals and fields, lane storage reels, etc.,” says Doveton.

The US branch will also sell Slipstream’s adjustable track platform with an adjustable backstroke wedge.

In 2007 Dovetech introduced its own brand to the market called Slipstream and started manufacturing high quality swimming goggles and silicone caps. It continued adding products to the Slipstream brand with more swim training equipment like swim fins, hand paddles, kick boards and pull buoys, as well as timing equipment such as stop watches, electronic start systems and touch pads.

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