The founder of Buff and the father of seamless head- and neckwear, Joan Rojas, is dead: he passed away from cancer at the age of 71, making it 7 days into the new year.

“In 1946, in Barcelona, Spain, Joan was born into the Rojas family textile business – it was in his DNA to explore and think freely,” explains Buff. “With a rich knowledge and understanding of textile manufacturing that dates back to 1927, when the Rojas family founded their factory, Joan would continue the tradition of innovation when he founded BUFF.

“An idea that hatched while touring the country roads of Catalonia around Igualada on his motorcycle – Joan’s demand for a warmer, more protective solution to the sun, wind, and cold became the foundation of The Original BUFF Multifunctional Headwear product.”

Buff (which today is not only a brand name, but has also become an adjective to describe this type of garment) is locally distributed by Adventure Inc.