Mizuno’s new Sports Style footwear category is the performance footwear brand’s own take on contemporary sneakers. It’s “informed by the brand’s rich history and inspired by an intense desire to discover what’s next,” it explains.

The Wave Rider 1, the first model in this category, is based on the original 1998 Wave Rider introduced Mizuno’s Wave technology, which is still used today. It will be available as part of the Spring/Summer 2018 range.

“Combining unfailing functionality, superior comfort and a modern sense of style, Mizuno’s latest footwear range offers something unique and fresh for those living on-the-go lifestyles,” the brand explains.

To celebrate the launch of their Sports Style category, Mizuno has assembled a Kazoku (the Japanese word for family) of sneakerheads, influencers and sneaker-obsessed retailers from across Europe and Japan who’ll work with the brand on one-off collaborations and help develop a vision for the future.

Mizuno is locally distributed by Brand ID.