The latest EZONE tennis series introduced by Yonex is engineered for unstoppable play and features an enhanced Isometric sweet spot, explosive power, and unmatched comfort, promises the brand.

The Isometric sweet spot has been further enhanced to extend deep into the upper section of the racket, resulting in the largest sweet spot in this series. Ultra-firm hyper modulus graphite (HYPER-MG) used in the upper hoop ensures less bending of the frame at impact, with the result that there is more power in the outgoing shot and less absorption of the power by the racket.

These technologies really powers up your game, says Yonex. “The new HYPER-MG technology dramatically enhances snapback speed for explosive power even on difficult off-centre shots.”

They have also reshaped the grommet holes and redesigned the grommet structure to reduce the friction of the string on the racket – they call this Micro Offset Layout. Because the strings move more on impact, they soak up more impact vibrations. In addition, the unique materials Yonex use in the handle further help absorb harsh vibrations. This Quake Shut Gel technology has three layers, alternating between hard and soft, to minimise vibrations.

These two new technologies designed to reduce vibration provide unmatched comfort, says the brand.

Yonex is distributed in South Africa by Shuttle Sports.