The OutDoor show will be held in Munich from next year. For years the show had been held at Friedrichshafen, but members of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) voted it should move. Munich also beat Hamburg, another proposed host city.

Messe München will now work with members of the EOG and turn OutDoor into a cutting-edge industry platform, says the events company. “As part of these changes, [we] will make OutDoor something more than a trade show that is held for a fixed period of time and turn it into something that can be experienced at any time throughout the world with the help of digital services aimed at retailers and consumers.”

They also organise the ISPO sport trade show in Munich, as well as the subsiadry ISPO Shanghai and ISPO Beijing shows.

“OutDoor is the perfect partner for the ISPO Group with its range of productsm,” says Messe München. “The reason is obvious: today’s consumers participate in a number of sports, not just one. As a result, we must reinterpret the term outdoor and have incorporated this new interpretation into our concept.

Messe Friedrichshafen, the current OutDoor organiser, has expressed its disappointment in the vote. “After all, the OutDoor was born at Lake Constance and has been here for a quarter of a century. We have written a unique and successful chapter for the history of this industry,” says CEO Messe Friedrichshafen Klaus Wellmann.

The EOG’s vote won’t stop an outdoor-focused show taking place at Friedrichshafen though. “Our location, and in particular our concept for a new direction for the leading show, has good support from many EOG members, plus backing from numerous other outdoor industry players,” explains Wellmann. “Friedrichshafen will continue to offer a unique trade show atmosphere, where international outdoor experts set the course for the future of the business and celebrate their commitment to the outdoors. As such, we’re nevertheless confident and well prepared to enter a new outdoor trade show era at Lake Constance from 2019.”

“Before the vote, we had already received very positive feedback for our vision of a future outdoor show,” says Stefan Reisinger, Head of OutDoor/ Eurobike. “This came from several of the 96 EOG members and also a large number of the 869 other exhibitors who attended the 2017 show and were not part of the EOG decision. Our location and services have contributed decisively to the success of the OutDoor show.”

Messe Friedrichshafen is in talks with industry members to consolidate the new direction starting 2019, the results of which will be announced at this year’s OutDoor show, which takes place 17-20 June in Friedrichshafen. Ticket sales open in April.

The EOG reacted to Messe Friedrichafen’s plans by pointing out that it represents around 70% of the total European outdoor market. Additionally, it undertook large-scale studies in the European outdoor industry among dealers, brands and suppliers, representing more than 90% of the stakeholders. This shows that the decision to move OutDoor to Munich was not taken by a select minority, says the EOG, but that it reflects the interests of the industry.

Of the 94% of EOG members who voted, just short of two thirds voted in favour of Munich.