GM’S Fantastic 5 bats (Zelos, Haze, Chrome, Mana and Neon) are designed to perform.

Zelos, Haze and Chrome each features a traditional L555 blade length, 295mm handle, and a F4.5 face profile.

The brand new Zelos bat has an ultra-curved face profile, low to mid swell position for all round power play, a contoured spine profile, and a partially concaved back profile for balancing.

Similarly, Chrome also has a low to mid swell position and partially concaved back profile. It has massive contoured edges at the drive zone and a large swell for maximised power.

Haze, also new, has the same contoured edges and concaved back profile, but also features a mid to high swell position for power play and large swell for added power.

Neon and Mana each has a shortened L540 blade design for a dynamic sweetspot, 310mm handle, a F4.5 face profile and a concaved back profile.

Neon has massive edges at the drive zone, which are offset for an increased power-to-balance ratio. It also has a mid to high swell position for overall stroke play and a reduced sweeping spine profile for superior pick up.

The edges on the Mana bat are substantial, it has a pronounced spine profile, and it has a flatter toe design.

All are made in England from prime English Willow.

GM is locally distributed by Opal Sports.