Kookaburra’s range of cricket bats caters for a variety of players.

One of its most popular bats, Kahuna is made for the shot-maker that likes to take control of the game. “The iconic Kahuna has been the spearhead of the Kookaburra range for over a decade,” says the brand. It has a powerful profile, with big edges with a generous sweet spot.

Kookaburra’s Ghost, Kahuna, Blaze, Surge and Fever bats.

Another favourite, Ghost, is one of Kookaburra’s most popular bats in its history. It features minimal scalloping through the back of the bat, which provides a powerful profile, and understated graphics that give a classic finish for the classic player.

Fever is made for impact and is for the player who favours improvised shots and aims to disrupt, while Blaze is designed for the player who “embraces the 360 degree run scoring”.

Surge is for the batter who loves to drive. It has a low middle and distinctive shaping to the toe for enhanced pick up.

Kookaburra’s bats conform to the MCC Law 5 – Match Legal rule, which came into effect in October last year and defines the permitted size of the cricket bat. No bat is allowed to have an edge thicker than 40mm or a spine height taller than 67mm including a 5mm curve to the face profile — a maximum height of 62mm if there is no curve.

Kookaburra is locally distributed by JRT Crampton.