The latest Smith’s Sharpeners stock will arrive soon and will be available from Awesome Tools Distributors. Smith’s Sharpeners has a broad line of knife and scissor sharpening products, ranging from simple, fixed angle pull through sharpeners for consumers who want quick and easy sharpening, to sophisticated Precision Kits designed for the knife sharpening enthusiast.

There are manual as well as electrical sharpeners and incorporate a range of materials, including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives and natural Arkansas stones.

A variety of knives can be used on the sharpeners, from straight edged, serrated, scissors, broad heads, gut hooks, fish hooks to pointed objects.

“Their simple goal is to provide consumers with the best edge for whatever task they are performing, while also providing outrageously good customer service, a philosophy that Awesome Tools supports in all the brands that they offer,” says Bruce Woodroffe of Awesome Tools.