According to a notice published in the Sunday Times on Sunday (9th December), Jurgens Ci has been placed under provisional liquidation. South Africa’s oldest manufacturer of caravans has until 9th February 2019 to show why the liquidation application brought by Megafreight Services in September this year should not be made final.

The company also manufactures camping gear under the Howling Moon brand and sells its products through Campworld retail outlets.

Although Jurgens has experienced trading difficulties over the past few years, including industrial action and several outlets closing temporarily, it remains the biggest supplier of caravans in South Africa. Founded 66 years ago, Jurgens in its heyday manufactured about 3 000 caravans per year and it is still manufacturing more than a thousand caravans under twenty brand names a year. It also exports locally manufactured caravan kits to Australia to be assembled and sold there.

Megafreight is a privately owned South African freight forwarding and customs clearing company, which has been in business for nearly 40 years. They applied to have Jurgens liquidated on 14 August 2018, but the provisional order was only published on December 9th.

At this stage it is unclear what affect this liquidation notice will have on all the Campworld retail stores countrywide that also sell camping equipment from various brands.

The current owner of Jurgens Ci, Paul Kyriacou, who bought the business in February 2017, told Caravan & Outdoor Life that they are in negotiations regarding the settlement agreement and that he does not foresee Jurgens going into final liquidation.