Olympic International is encouraging the 2 000 participants in this weekend’s XTERRA Grabouw, the biggest XTERRA event in the world, to share a pair of used trail or mountain biking shoes. These will be donated to the less fortunate.

“Participants and their families are encouraged to drop their old pairs of sports shoes at the Olympic International bins provided at the event, which will then be distributed to needy children and adult charity organisations such as Aitsa, an aftercare centre in the heart of Kylemore in the Dwarsriver valley with 180 children, Songo.info and others,” says Fahiem Frizlar, Marketing Manager of distributor Bolton Footwear.

These donations can make a huge difference to those who are keen on sports, but do not have access to the right gear, says Frizlar. “As a runner, I’ve often wondered what to do with my old pair, as it’s still in relatively good condition, but not suitable for long distance running. “Instead of them collecting dust or being thrown out, they can be put to excellent use by someone else. For someone out there, they’ll be as new.”

Olympic will provide collection bins at various events around the country this year. “Not only can you donate footwear, but also sports equipment and clothing,” says Frizlar. They also collected shoes and sports equipment at the 6th BUCO Origin of Trails in Stellenbosch earlier this year.