The new OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen trade show premieres this year in September and will have a strong focus on the retail trade. Organisers make it very clear that only members of the trade will be allowed, which means it’ll be easier for exhibitors and visitors to talk business.

OUTDOOR is especially geared for specialist bricks-and-mortar retailers. “We firmly believe in brick-and-mortar retail and are offering a down-to-earth platform for all companies who embody the outdoor spirit,” says Stefan Reisinger, who is head of OUTDOOR.

OUTDOOR’s Stefan Reisinger (head of OUTDOOR), Managing Director Klaus Wellmann and show director Dirk Heidrich. Photo: Messe Friedrichshafen.

Retailers and wholesalers can register for OUTDOOR’s Retail First initiative, which will allow you to visit the show for free and benefit from other perks. Retail First tickets are only available online – not at the show. Please note that ticket bookings aren’t open yet.

The timing of the show (17-19 September) will also benefit retailers: it falls at the end of Germany’s main retail sales season, when they would be preparing for the next season.

Peter Bruggmann, the president of the Swiss Association of Sporting Goods Retailers (ASMAS), has expressed his approval of the show: “we see the Friedrichshafen trade fair concept as a good opportunity for our retailers and have enjoyed coming to Lake Constance for years”.

The show is organised by the same company that was behind the organising of the OutDoor trade show for a quarter of a century.

Friedrichshafen, where OUTDOOR is held, is situated on Lake Constance – a beautiful backdrop for this trade show. Photo: Messe Friedrichshafen.

Introducing caravaning

The caravaning exhibition area will feature products from camping buses and motorhomes, to related accessories. This area is a new addition to the line-up usually seen at the outdoor trade show at Friedrichshafen, but fits in well with the focus of the show.

Show visitors are also able to stay in one of the 850 caravans in the caravan city situated close to the show, which offers “the perfect combination of hotel standard comfort and relaxed camping outdoor flair,” says the show organiser.

New Industry Award category

OUTDOOR continues the Industry Awards and introduces two new categories this year for retailers and agencies. “Who is offering the best shopping experience or who has the most sustainable campaign? Our expert panel will be evaluating all entries to decide on the winners in six categories to receive the highly-coveted award label,” says Dirk Heidrich, OUTDOOR’s show director.

The Industry Award will continue to award innovative companies and products, and you can enter yours from 29 April. Start-ups and exhibitors have reduced registration fees. For more information, click here.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the show, you can visit this link for information.