The next Sports Trader issue is going to be filled with a variety of article topics, and we’re bound to have something of interest to you and your products. Distributors, why not get involved and let retailers know about your latest products? Contact Nicol to find out how we can help your business reach our retail readers.

World and other cups mania

The fever is mounting and we’ll be stoking the fires as our top cricket, soccer (men and women), netball and rugby teams will all be playing in World Cups and continental tournaments like AFCON and the Super Rugby finals over the coming few months …  we believe these events will generate more interest in the respective sports, and the industry should be able to benefit from that.

  • We’ll look at who’ll be playing with what and wearing which brands as the tournament progresses;
  • What would be the sales drivers: the sponsored equipment, replica shirts or boots/footwear worn?
  • What can be recommended to retailers to stimulate customer interest in the sport products, and yours, specifically?
  • This offers you the ideal opportunity to highlight some innovative products and the winning features of your brand.

Fit and running

An international company has done a survey to find out what the top 10 fitness trends are worldwide. Do you agree with the study or have you found that other fitness activities are more popular in South Africa?

Perhaps you think that running should be its own category on the list. It certainly is a popular sport as shown by the thousands of participants who take part in local running events. We’re asking a top retail salesperson to give advice on what a retailer should keep in mind when recommending running clothing and socks to his customers.

The right footwear

Talking about running … is it OK if consumers wear walking shoes for running, or vice versa? We have a look at the differences between these two shoe groups and why they may or may not be interchangeable.

We’re told the golf market is making a resurgence. Is this so and what is your experience? We give feedback on the golf market in this issue and also provide retailers with tips on what to look for when recommending the right golf shoes.

Outdoor equipment to make life easier

Africa’s not for the faint hearted. We have all kinds of things testing our ingenuity. No power? Bring out the powerbanks and headlamps. No water? Grab water purification products and a large container to catch rain water. Find yourself covered in bugs? Mosquito repellant to the rescue! Outdoor enthusiasts know how innovative products can help reduce the impact of a harsh environment, and city slickers are fast learning that they can find very helpful items when they visit outdoor stores.

Perhaps your target consumer is a hunter. We look at the key features retailers should keep in mind when selling clothing and footwear for hunting, including the use and types of camouflage and the differences between hiking and hunting boots.

Multi-tools are also firm favourites among anyone from urban travelers to bundu bashers. Nowadays multi-tools are found in all shapes and sizes in tool boxes, pockets, on key rings and even as part of armbands – and anything in between.


Kids need their shoes and we report back on their latest trends.

We also cover the latest international athleisure clothing and footwear trends, which will also make their presence felt in South Africa.