The new technology offered by Studio[K]irmack, will “revolutionize e-commerce photography and videography,” says Craig Bellingham of Studio[K]irmack. “It is a game changer for retailers and brands seeking attractive efficient, affordable, and effective product images and videos for e-commerce sites and related marketing.”


Images and more importantly videos are the most important e-commerce content, he emphasises.

“It is not a secret that the e-commerce industry is booming worldwide, and South Africa is no exception. South Africans are buying more online, providing businesses opportunities to open new stores and e-commerce platforms to satisfy the expanding market.


“Studio[K]irmack is changing the whole process of taking product photography and videography by bringing the latest technological innovation that is booming all over the world to the South African market.”


The technology, machines and software that was developed by StyleShoots allows for an efficient, affordable, and effective process. With global brands utilizing this equipment, the quality and efficiency that these systems provide is unmatched, he adds. Studio[K]irmack was the first company in South Africa to carry all three systems, and you can either rent the equipment or ask them to take photos, videos and or create amazing digital content.


“In a nutshell Studio[K]irmack is the most advanced e-commerce photographic / video studio in South Africa. We are the only specialist product photography studio in the country that offers a comprehensive service using Stylshoots and Orbitvu machines. These machines shorten the process of delivering high quality product shots for your website and are used in-house by brands such as Woolworths, TFG, Zolando and many more globally.

“We make it easy for brands to create e-commerce imagery and creative fashion content.”


The various systems offer customers several options:

  • StyleShoots LIVE allows you to shoot on-model stills and videos.
  • StyleShoots Vertical makes it easy to create beautiful ghost mannequin images.
  • StyleShoots Horizontal allows you to quickly and easily create flat lay images with the touch of a button.
  • The ORBITVU Footwear solution offers still photography fully deep-etched at any angle required, with or without shadow, including a full 360 degree solution allowing consumers to interact with the footwear in the most unique way,

For an example of the above, click here. Drag the product with your cursor to view it in 360 degrees.


Research shows the impact quality and the number of images per product have on conversion rates is massive, adds Bellingham. “This means e-commerce product images need to go online faster, at a higher quality and in much larger quantities than ever before. This calls for a fully integrated post-production workflow.


“Our workflow process is simple – you send us products, we unpack, prep, steam, photograph, retouch and either upload or send images to you in the sizes, resolution, naming convention and according to your creative look and feel. This ensures that you create a consistent look and feel on your website. It allows you to create a consistent CI and lets consumers feel as if there is a coherent look across your ecommerce or communication platforms.”


Or more simply, you can rent the studios, use your stylists/photographers and take the images and content for your creative team to utilise.

For more information, visit or email Bellingham.