Omnico has launched a value for money range of HiLight headlamps and torches. The technical specifications of the range are higher than quite a few well-known brands, yet they managed to keep the pricing very competitive, usually less than brands with lower specs.

Recommended retail prices on the headlamps range from R100 to R400 and the torches from R500 to R900.

This allows the independent retailer to extend his offering to lower price points without having to worry about the quality of the products, as they are backed by Omnico who have proved themselves in the industry over many years.

The range consists of four headlamps and two torches.

The HiLight 500 and its diffuser.

The torches are both manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and come with USB rechargeable batteries and a clip to fasten it to a bicycle handlebar. The top of the range HiLight 900 comes with a spare battery, while The HiLight 500 features a collapsible silicon diffuser, which softens the light beam making it ideal for camping or reading.

The 120 Night Beam headlamp operates with three AAA batteries, but the rest of the range all come with built-in USB rechargeable batteries. USB cables are supplied in the packaging.

The 80 Firefly headlamp.

The headlamps are impact and splash resistant but lightweight, ranging from 54g, including batteries, for the 80 Firefly to 66g for the HiLight Dual Beam 200.

The Sensor 140 headlamp.

The Sensor 140 headlamp incorporates a hand sensor for easy hands-free operation. Just wave your hand in front of the light and it will be switched on or off. This is ideal for situations where your hands might be covered in grime and you do not want to cover your headlamp with it.

The Dual Beam 200 rechargeable headlamp.

The top of the range Dual Beam 200 comes  with four light modes, including an automatic light intensity sensor and a red light mode for preserving night vision. The red light is also handy to read maps or fishing or hunting in the dark, or even to read in the dark without disturbing your partner in the tent or caravan. It does not attract insects.

The range is covered by a lifetime guarantee. If an authorized HiLight dealer determines the product to be defective, it will be replaced at no charge.

The products are all attractively packaged in white and yellow, ready to be displayed on slat display systems. The headlamps are all securely enclosed in blister packaging glued inside the cardboard.

For more information, email Jean at Omnico.