Cressi is an example of a brand that was started due to both a need and a passion for the sport. This passion continues today through its products and distributors.

The brand was started by brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi who shared a passion for the sea as well as a gift for technical design and working with their hands. They originally crafted masks, fins and spearguns so that divers could move more efficiently through the water improving their hunting techniques.

Locally, the love lives on. “I am truly passionate about the Cressi brand and the diving industry as a whole,” says Dion Sarrimanolis, director of local distributor Sea Vision Sports. As from January 2019, he is the new owner of Cressi Africa and has distribution rights to the surrounding islands.

Dion Sarrimanolis, director of Sea Vision Sports, with some of the Cressi products that he distributes in Africa. Photo: Nicol du Toit.

Before buying Cressi Africa, Dion Sarrimanolis had already been involved with the brand for ten years. He started his Cressi journey in 2009 at Breathing Air and next he joined AJF Agencies when the company took over the brand. In 2014, Rapala VMC (now Normark Africa) started distributing Cressi and Dion Sarrimanolis was the brand manager for Cressi until he took over the rights in January this year.

He is thus very familiar with the brand, its products, its strengths and how it can benefit users.

In addition, he has also been a diver since 1995 and has worked as an instructor and has first-hand experience of what divers need.

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Dion Sarrimanolis has been focusing on expanding the range available locally “to ensure that the local divers have access to a comprehensive range of world class products”

Cressi offers products for scuba divers, free divers, snorkelers, spearfishermen and swimmers.

Swimmers benefit from the Cressi swim range. Photo supplied.

The brand has a long history: “officially, it dates back to 1946 when brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi founded it, but eight years before that, in 1938, they had already begun with small scale manual production,” explains Dion Sarrimanolis.

“The mask as we know it today was originally designed by Cressi back in 1952 and it was the first mask to have a nose pocket for ease of equalisation.

“Cressi continues to design and produce world class diving products at their 16 000m2 factory in Genoa, Italy [where the brand started]. A proudly Italian brand.”

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To find out more about the range and how the brand will be able to enhance the product offering in your store, contact Sea Vision Sports on email or by calling +(27) 71 896 9274 or +(27) 11 794 6950.