Diadora is the most recent iconic brand to join the CAVI Brands stable of focused beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands available in Southern Africa. Among the other leading international brands distributed by the company are Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Guerlain, etc. It is part of the CAVICO Group, which also includes the New House of Busby brands (among them Guess, Aldo and Steve Madden).

“Investing in brands is central to what CAVI does,” the company says. Working closely with brand principals and retail partners to deliver above market growth, it takes a long term view regarding investment, growth and development of brands, it adds.

The Italian sportswear brand Diadora was founded by Marcello Danieli in 1948 when he began working in the trade as a young boy, making mountain boots. In the 1960’s Diadora entered the world of sport with high quality sports shoes and cutting-edge garments, where it is still a major player.

During the next decade Diadora began partnering with top sportsmen such as Bjorn Borg, Roberto Bettega, Marco van Basten and Roberto Baggio, who were true icons of style. This is how Diadora shoes entered the Hall of Fame of some of the most requested sneakers in history. The Diadora Maverick, introduced in 1987, has been hailed as one of the 80 greatest shoes of the ‘80’s.

Diadora’s headquarters is located in the heart of the shoe making world – Montebelluna, Italy, where a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship produce aspirational products. The Diadora team encapsulates know-how in design and development and aims to “bring Italian excellence to the world, always paying the upmost attention to craftsmanship.”

Today the brand is present in more than 60 countries across the world, and production is focused on sport performance lines, with a special focus on running, fashion and style in the high-end Heritage collection and the more mainstream Sportswear line.