The official match ball for UEFA EURO2020 will be named Uniforia, to celebrate the unity and euphoria that football can inspire across the European continent, says adidas.

The tournament’s revamped format, which will see it played across 12 European countries for the first time, inspired Uniforia’s design that symbolises crossing bridges, blending borders and unifying the diversity of fans and athletes.

When designing an official match ball we always look to reflect culture, what is the spirit of the street that we can proudly showcase in the stadium,” says adidas product designer Anika Marie Kennaugh. “What we saw in all our key cities is the need to come together and unite for change.”

The Uniforia design features bold, black, brush-stroke style lines, symbolising the blurring of boundaries and crossing of borders as reflective of the competition’s new transcontinental format. These broad strokes are interjected with flashes of bright, light colours throughout, as a celebration of the tournament’s diversity and bringing together of different cultures.

The 60th anniversary of the competition will be hosted by 12 host cities for the first time: London, Glasgow, Dublin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Munich, Budapest, Rome, Bucharest and Baku. The GPS coordinates of each stadium are also reflected in the intricate designs on Uniforia, commemorating this unique and historic format.

A unique Hi-White material allows for better visibility on the pitch for players.