Whatever your customers’ mode of travel or destination, they will all need a container to transport their clothes. Backpacks have become the favourite luggage format of young and old, wherever they may travel.

They are not only much lighter than suitcases, backpacks are also much easier to carry and can go places where wheeled luggage could become a burden — for example, when you have to negotiate stairs.

It is therefore good news for retailers that there is a new range of backpacks available in South Africa: Ruigor, available from De Wet Sports, has several lines each catering for specific needs. And all of them feature multiple compartments allowing the user to separate his items into handy-to-reach compartments, including padded sections that can hold a laptop up to 15.6”.

The Active range, for example, is made from lightweight, high quality materials and the backpack outers are water repellent. The backpacks are ergonomic with an airflow system and buckle lock, have padded compartments that will hold laptops up to 15.6”, have external compartments (with and without zipper) and has extras such as key locks. These packs are available in black.

The different packs in 24L and 28L also feature breathable materials, which is sweat resistant and reduces friction with clothing, premium straps, ergonomic designs. One can also hold an additional tablet as well as a laptop.

The backpacks in Ruigor’s Icon range are designed to handle daily life. They are made from polyester, are water repellent, have multiple chambers as well as outside pockets (with or without zippers, and bottle holders), have ergonomic airflow systems and buckle locks. Each of the Icon backpacks will hold a laptop up to 15.6” (some also a tablet) and they also feature ports for either earphones or USB though which the user can charge a device. Other features in the range include a reflective strip, key locks, SBS zippers, and sunglass holders.

Icon’s 34L 08 backpack is specifically built with gamers in mind, with space for a 15.6” laptop, a keyboard, mouse, HDD, headphones and gaming glasses. Its padded strap is designed that it can attach to a trolley or suitcase if needed and the handle is extra tough to handle to potential added weight.

Ruigor’s City backpack range features a sleek and secure design for everyday activities. Both the City 64 and 56 models have water repellent outers, will hold laptops up to 15.6”, have USB ports and have external pockets with zippers.

The 56 backpack (17L) also has a protective compartment for a tablet and an extra safe pocket. City 64 (27L) has more external pockets (with and without zippers) and an anti-theft pocket.

Ruigor’s Executive 26 is a premium, all-rounder, all-purpose backpack that is designed to be ergonomic with an airflow system. It has multiple compartments, can hold a laptop up to 15.6”, is durable and is made from lightweight, water repellent materials. The 26L backpack also features a USB port, external pockets with zippers, a bottle holder, key lock, and sunglass holder.

The Motion range of travel duffelbags have both sporty and casual details and offer multiple compartments, such as for footwear, a safe pocket and external pockets with zippers. They are made from polyester and the outers’ are water repellent. In addition, the 32L Motion 07 duffelbag has a removable shoulder strap and Motion 12 (35L) has detachable shoulder straps allowing the duffelbag to be worn as a backpack.