Falke’s new Limited Edition range of crew cycling socks is specially designed to keep feet comfortable and looking great. “Light, bright and ridiculously comfortable, Limited Edition bike socks match the thrill of the road,” says the brand.


The seamless toe means there’s nothing rubbing against the toes and skin (a seam could rub if it doesn’t sit right and potentially lead to blisters) and it’s generally more comfortable as well. Even the cuffs are designed with comfort in mind with a sensitive weave and design so that it doesn’t hurt the calf.


Strategically-placed mesh panels keep feet well ventilated, allowing them to stay cool and dry.

To keep the stock in place, the arch support prevents the sock from sliding out of position and the reinforced heel and toe add durability to the sock


They are available in four styles and several bright, eye-catching colours. The Argyle pattern is available in combinations of black, yellow and grey as well as electric blue, red and white. Dotted socks are available in white and grey as well as neon lime and black. The plain socks are in white and grey as well as black and white. The star pattern also comes in black and white, but also in a combination of aqua and bright lilac.

The socks are made from Drynamix (a moisture wicking material), Polyamide and Elastane and are available in sizes 4-7 and 8-12.