Ledlenser has also donated €3 000 to Doctors without Borders in addition to its earlier donation of 130 headlamps and 107 flashlights in 2019. The brand is also now the NGOs 2020 Partner-Company and they handed over the cheque and a custom engraved X21R flashlight early March.

“We’re very excited and honoured to be an official 2020 partner of Doctors without Borders,” says Thomas Willing, Ledlenser CEO. “This is right in line with our announcement to intensify our commitment to this admirable organisation and make a substantial contribution to help people in need.”

Many areas where Doctors without Borders work don’t have a reliable power supply, so Ledlenser’s headlamp and torch contribution is important to their ability to work – especially the headlamps as they enable the doctors to work without an added thing in their hands. Their lights can also be dimmed, allowing the doctors to get the right lighting conditions.

The €3 000 will be used to pay for vaccines and medicine, for example.

Ledlenser is distributed by Awesome Tools in South Africa.