US athletic footwear and activewear sale results for the first quarter are in – and they don’t paint a pretty picture, reports the NPD Group.

The footwear market report a double digit decline in sales, with adult markets down in the mid-teens and kids’ footwear sales down in the high teens. January still saw a 10% growth driven by certain brands releasing limited edition shoes to help compensate for their bad fourth quarter results, but February was down by single digits and March by a further 40%.

Activewear sales declined in the mid-teens in the first quarter. While men’s and women’s activewear sales were down by mid-teens, kids’ activewear sales were down by more than 20%.

American people were told to stay at home by most states from 21-22 March, about a week before us. Sales of comfortable clothing was therefore the best off: sweatpants sales grew in the low single digits, but all other categories saw declines.

For a more detailed breakdown, as well as how different brands fared, visit NPD’s website.